Reliable Green Roofing Systems for Utilised Roof Landscapes

In the sum of their positive ecological and economical characteristics, Green Roofs make a relevant contribution toward achieving future-oriented sustainable architecture. ZinCo provides tried and tested solutions worldwide for all types of green roofing. Our programme extends from extensive green roofing as an ecological protective covering or in conjunction with a photovoltaic system to roof gardens and green roofing of underground car park roofs with pathways or driveways.

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Zorlu Center Istanbul – Green Superlatives

In the city of Istanbul, an interface between Europe and Asia, the Zorlu Center exemplifies the new modern environmental and socioeconomic spirit. It is the first mixed-use large-scale project in Turkey that fulfills five functions: culture and convention centre ("PAC" Performing Arts Center), luxury hotel "Raffles", shopping mall, extraordinary offices and exclusive living residences. The design is based on four distinctive towers arranged to form a ring, enclosing an approximately 108,000 ft² central plaza and a 130,000 ft² open-air park; this includes a five-story underground parking garage. A total 775,000 ft² of extensive and intensive roof gardens bring thriving nature and breathing, relaxing places into the architecture of superlatives.

The world looks to New York: Successful green project “High Line”

It was once a run-down, dilapidated area. Then came the flourishing vegetation that has transformed an entire district. The converted elevated train track, the High Line in New York, has become the main tourist attraction in the city. Since it was opened in 2009, more than 20 million people have visited the High Line, now accessible over a length of 1.5 miles since the third phase was completed in September 2014. The 11 yards to 22 yards wide park wends its way like a catwalk from Gansevoort Street northwards to 34th Street, unfolding its captivating charm on the way. A success story that is emulated the world over.